Saturday, August 4, 2012

Whatever Pieces is moving!

Well friends, I've decided I'm serious about this blogging thing. So, I'm relocating.

You can now find Whatever Pieces here:

I've moved all my old content to Wordpress; and if I've done this right new posts should continue to appear on this Blogger page.

Why the move? It was mostly a chance for me to re-organize and re-imagine the blog. When I first started Whatever Pieces, I didn't mean for it to be a recipe blog but that's how it evolved. The Wordpress site now has two areas (Recipes and Other Pieces) so I can keep things a little more organized but still have the freedom to write about things other than food. I'm still working on categorizing the recipes themselves, but that will come soon.

So, check it out. It's still a work in progress, but so far I'm liking the new layout.

Thanks for reading!